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Our herd of playful goats and soulful sheep are truly living their best life all the while providing a monumental service to landscapes, ecology, and people. We offer a service contracting with landowners and municipalities for grazing and browsing of wilderness in need of balancing through introduction of grazing animals. Did you know that suburban and urban environments have eliminated wild ruminant herds from the land? And did you know that there used to be massive populations wild ruminants like elk and deer moving through these landscapes keeping the vegetation in balance? It's true and we fill the abundant need of this ancient practice and natural component of a balanced ecosystem. 

Our herd can get started on your land immediately once we complete a free15 minute phone consultation, a free site visit, and submitting a scheduling retainer deposit.  After the site visit we email you a site specific proposal for review. Once we are in agreement you send over the deposit and we put you on our calendar. Then you count down the days until the goats and sheep arrive! 

Our land management services range from grazing grasslands for fire fuel reduction to browsing shrubby hillsides for reduction of non-native plant species to clearing wooded areas with poison oak and thinning dense high volume crowded young woodland forest areas.  All of our goat and sheep grazing land management services revitalizes the land and creates a safer healthier landscape. The nourishment that the goats and sheep provide for a landscape is often overlooked by landowners and it is the most beneficial element of the herd. The goats and sheep have the ability to turn tuns of plant matter into ready to use fertilizer for an ecosystem. Goats and sheep are some of the most efficient composers out there. When goats and sheep work a landscape there are no jump runs and the soil/land health is instantly enhanced. 

How do you contain the herd? We use state of the art solar electric mobile net fencing that is put in place by our shepherds. We work totally off grid! 

How are the goats kept safe? We have three professional livestock guardian dogs that live 24/7 with the herd and protect them through the night with their mostly nocturnal rhythm.

Who takes care of the herd? Our shepherd stays onsite with the herd and tends to daily needs and fencing maintenance. 

How much water is needed? The herd generally drinks 50 gallons of water per day. The land owner provides a water source. 




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